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  • So much love for NYCūüćé
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    Blair Erwin

So much love for NYCūüćé

So much love for NYCūüćé

I am so excited to share details about my recent (Ok not so recent..last summer, just now getting around to post!) trip to NYC for the Home Textile Source Market to scout new fabrics for Annie Digs' 2018 collection!  Such a shame I had to go to NYC, but it's work so what are you gonna do??!  My love for this city runs deep.  I used to live there (twice) in what seems like another life.  The nostalgia of it all can be quite emotional...I miss the energy, the smells, the sounds, the people...and yet I can't imagine living here now.  (That is unless I could afford a brownstone on Perry Street or UES.  In that case, when do we move???)  

SUNDAY 7/16/17

It's pretty typical for there to be an inconvenience of some kind when it comes to me and traveling, and this time was no exception.  Do not fly SPIRIT.  I had been warned many times about this and always obeyed warning..until I didn't.  I booked my flight with reward points and Spirit ended up making the most sense.  I was flying solo, how bad could it be right??  I won't bother you with details, just DON'T DO IT!  Yada, yada, yada...I didn't get to my hotel, The Marcel at Gramercy Park, until almost midnight, so I just grabbed dinner at the closest and of course "cutest" (my husband thinks I base 99% of my decisions based on cuuuuuteness) spot which was Street Taco in Murray Hill.  Veggie taco + guacamole + Tempranillo and off to bed!


MONDAY 7/17/17

Breakfast at ABCV - I've recently gone 90% vegan (I buy leather and don't send back my veggie burger if they use eggs) so was really excited to try ABCV.  ABC Home can do no wrong imo and they did not disappoint. 

{gluten free pancakes, cappuccino w/almond milk, berry mimosa}    

Leisurely stroll to Javitz down beautiful 28th Street.  They always have the most gorgeous flowers on the sidewalk. 


Javitz for Home Textiles show.  Excited for all the awesome new fabrics + new technology for your pup's tush coming soon!!


Scenic walk down the High Line to Boucherie for lunch and to review my notes.

{veggie plate + Rose} 


I made a vow to not take any public transportation the whole trip.  I walked EVERYWHERE!  On my way back to the hotel, I had to go by While We Were Young.  I had heard so much about this charming little spot.  And little it is.  The attention to every perfect detail in a space the size of my master bathroom was unbelievable!


Dinner at Jajaja - cuuuuuute! ¬†Their jalape√Īo margarita was to die for! ¬†And their street tacos are nothing to sneeze at either. ¬†


Cafe Standard @ Standard Hotel - great patio on a nice evening and the most delicious Rose in a can!


Gramercy Hotel for night cap - last stop on my way home.  Don't judge, my feet hurt so I had to break up my walks :)  


TUESDAY 7/18/17

Sarabeth's - breakfast - several around the city, but I love this one on Madison.  Beautiful space. 

{spinach & scrambled egg popover + mimosa..I'm on vacation ok??}


Grand Central - one of the most impressive buildings in NYC in my opinion.  Grand is really the only way to describe GCS.  Off to Connecticut for my meeting with Cyrilla Home.  My step sister used to live in CT and became friends with Cyrilla who has a beautiful home design store/business in South Norwalk.  She was so sweet the meet with me to discuss Annie Digs and is going to carry some of my pillows in her store.  If you ever find yourself in SoNo, definitely stop by Cyrilla Home and say hi to her and her pup Pickles!

Back in NYC, ventured up to the Upper East Side.  First stop, Flora Bar at the Met.  Absolutely stunning space!


Bemelman's Bar @ The Carlyle - This is one of my absolute favorite spots in NYC.  It is a classic.  The creator of the children's book Madeline lived at the Carlyle for free in exchange for painting the murals in the bar in the 40's.  The bartenders have been there forever and they know how to make a martini!  They have live music and the best (veggie) burger in town!  And how random is this??  I was sitting next to the CFO for the ASPCA!  We had so much fun visiting all night.  She also gave me the names of the people I need to contact at ASPCA so that AD can partner with them somehow and we can give back!  Stay tuned... 



The Smith - breakfast.  Gorgeous bar and the nicest bartender.  I ordered a mimosa and the bartender commented how he wished he could be drinking a mimosa too.  I said "I love being on vacation bc you can order a mimosa at 10am on a Wednesday and no one judges;"  His response: "Vacation or not, live your life man.  You should have mimosas every Wednesday at 10am!"  I loved that answer..and I tend to agree with his wisdom :)

{traditional breakfast}


I am a believer in stones + crystals and the energy they give off.  Being one with the Earth is very healing.  I stopped in this tiny store on my way to the show and got me a few crystals to add to my collection.  Stay tuned for a separate hippie dippie blog post re: crystals soon!


DG Expo @ Penn Pavillion - more fabulous textile vendors from around the world!


Lunch at the charming Claudette - every detail in this quaint little spot made me smile.  

{salad, gazpacho + rose}


My sweet tooth led me to Lauduree Soho for dessert.  Score - they had a magical dairy free chocolate treat (and more Rose)!  Their patio is preeeeecious!! 


At this point I was feeling blue about leaving the next day.  I mentioned to my husband how bummed I was to have to leave especially after missing my whole first day due to the Spirit debacle.  That sweet man called me back 5 min later and told me he booked me on another flight for Friday so I could have one more day in NYC!  Love him...

Cafe Medi - dinner.  This place!  I hear they have a fabulous brunch, but their dinner was pretty perfect.  The details in this space were stunning.

{sweet pea risotto + sauvignon blanc}


Craft - night cap.  Loved this super classy bar for an after dinner drink.  The light installations were mesmerizing.


THURSDAY 7/20/17

Running in the park.  One of my most favorite things in the world.     

Villard @ the Palace - doesn't get much more elegant than breakfast at the Palace.


The ONE time I Uber'd - to my new hotel 11 Howard in Soho.

Couldn't be in Soho and not stop by Nomo Soho for a drink.  I just love that bar.


Little Prince for lunch.  I have heard so many awesome things about this lil spot, but unfortunately was not that impressed.  Coulda just been an off day for them, so I suggest giving it a shot to see if the hype adds up for you... 


The Dutch - bar next door to Little Prince.  Nicest bartender!  Was hoping it wasn't so hot outside, as I could imagine it would be lovely with all the windows open on a nice day.


Psychic in Soho.  Y'all this was legit!  I stopped in what I would describe as a pop up shop in the middle of Soho.  Lots of small businesses and designers selling at booths. And there was this psychic.  I thought, why not?  She was so right on, it was eerie!!  I will spare all the details, but one thing I thought was so fascinating was she said I am an old soul.  I totally agree with her on this!!  She also said I was a man in another life, and bc of this, whenever my husband and I fight, he is fighting with the old man (hahahaha!!) and he doesn't like the old man.  Pretty entertaining.

Can't leave NYC without hitting Little Italy. Dinner at Aunt Jake's followed by dessert at Sofia's.

{gluten free pasta + chianti}


Night cap at Blond Bar @ 11 Howard.  This is a very pretty bar, but it turns into a *scene* at night, so I felt a little out of place at the end of the day just wanting a glass of wine with all of Manhattan ready to party.


FRIDAY 7/21/17

Breakfast at Le Cou Cou before heading to the airport.  Glad I got to squeeze this little gem in before I left town...


This trip was jam packed and yet very relaxing for me.  It was nice to have some "ME" time.  We can all benefit from that from time to time.  I was happy to get home to my hubby and our pups, but was super grateful for everything I got to do.  I arrived home broke and 5lbs heavier, but would not have changed a thing!  Hope y'all enjoyed my travel diary to NYC!










  • Post author
    Blair Erwin

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